Customized Nutritional Programs

What we do…

Design personalized meal plans based on a client’s body type. We are practical experts in our field. We know our methods work because we follow the same techniques we share with you for personal weight gain, loss and maintenance. You tell us your fitness goals, and we will create a diet plan that will help you reach them.

How we do this…

Our method is simple, really. We use the information gathered from you physical assessment, ask you about your daily eating habits, and food preference, and then build a meal program that best fits your body type. We believe that there are 3 main body types.

Endomorphs usually find weight loss a constant struggle and tend to easily store body fat and often have more internal fat deposits lining the organs in the cavity, making fat loss even more difficult.

Mesomorphs normally have solid lean mass and large bone structure. They can gain and hold weight easily, but can also lose body fat at a good pace due to the abundance of lean muscle.

Ectomorphs are usually hard gainers with narrow frames and light bones.

Very often, people cannot be easily classed as one of the 3 main body types. We find that most bodies present a combination of traits. Therefore, we apply a combination of therapies to achieve results. Mainly, we calculate the optimal macro-nutrient breakdown that will help you meet your goal, based on your body type.

What we expect…

We expect this to be a difficult process at times. After all, lifestyle and behavioral change is a long-term process. However, we will be there to guide you. We do not believe in crash diets. Our programs follow a phased-approach to healthier habits.

In order for the programs to work, YOU MUST FOLLOW THE PLAN. If you deviate, WE EXPECT YOU TO BE HONEST and communicate this in your weekly log.

Lastly, we expect success! Eating a healthier diet is necessary for achieving a better physique. Rely on our experience and knowledge to help you achieve your goals.