Personal Training

We offer the ability for you to train in your own environment and on your own time. So if you have gym phobia, a complex work schedule or you have a high profile lifestyle and need your privacy, we are the organization for you. NO EQUIPMENT NECESSARY!

We specialize in the following:

  • Weight Management
  • Body sculpting and toning
  • Corporate Fitness
  • Wellness and Workout Pains
  • Sport Specific Training
  • Strength building techniques
  • Life Coaching

Questions you should ask yourself when considering In-House Personal Training:

  • Do you lack the self motivation or the know how to effectively lose those unwanted pounds?
  • Are you tired of paying for a gym membership that you don’t use?
  • Would you like a program designed for your body type?
  • Do you have a work schedule that makes it impossible to make it to the gym?

If you answer yes to any or all of these questions then In-house personal training is for you.

In addition to data sharing, NHPTF maintains health insurance carrier relations. Our services can qualify employees for wellness credits and discounts. When necessary NHPTF will work with the group health plan provider and account manager to negotiate discounts agreements and communicate these benefits to employees as part of targeted communications. During implementation, the NHPFT Account Lead will discuss any administrative functions and special requests clients may have. We promote business continuity and program integration to all clients to achieve evidence based results.


  • Customized workouts: We do a full body assessment, including your lean weight and body fat percentage, to determine your body’s fitness and nutritional needs. Our workout plans are designed for each client with the client’s needs and trouble areas in mind.
  • Lifestyle coaching: We are here to help you with stress management, workout planning and with making the conversion to a more healthier lifestyle.
  • Nutrition counseling: We will counsel you based on the foods that you like to eat. Teaching you proportion control, the difference between complex carbohydrates and simple carbohydrates, and to know and understand your bodies caloric intake.
  • Muscle confusion: A training principle that creates variety in your training program. This training principle protocol is used because muscle confusion prevents plateaus and keeps your muscles growing. Muscles become accustomed to a training program very quickly. Our program allows for a more diverse and constant intensive progression of a variety of sets and repetitions that shock and confuse the muscle. This forces your muscles to grow quicker than with any other training method.