Hello my name is Tiffany Duffy,

I’m 5’10 and twenty something…. I just wanted to let everyone know how very satisfied I am with my results after doing my Tribodi-XP program. When I started I weighed 257 pounds with a body fat of 40%. I lost 52 pounds and reduced my body fat by 18%.

I trained with Romay 3 times a week for 6months. This was the first time that I had lost weight and toned my body at the same time. With everything that I have learned I’m going to lose another 15 pounds by myself! OMG I’m so motivated to train on my own now.

Oh yes, and I wasn’t on a strick diet either. Romay took a list of the foods I like to eat and help me understand how to make good substitutions and portion control. I recommend this program to every one. It will be the only program you will every need I promise you.